In recent years, airline ticket prices have declined.
This trend is due to many factors: low-cost airlines, oil prices fall, and the launch of a large number of websites and applications which enable customers to find cheap flights easily and efficiently.
In this guide we will review the best flights websites worldwide. Ranks are based on the weighted scores of hundreds of thousands of user reviews collected by the "Savvy" team, and sites ranking websites like trustpilot and sitejabber.
The Best Wesites for Finding Cheap Flights
Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights

Tips for finding and finding cheap flights
The discovery of cheap flights has become very easy in recent years, but there are some things that can improve our possibilities to find good deals.
To find cheap flights, we will review the best tips here:

1. When should I book an airline ticket?
According to Skyscanner, the best time to book flights is 24 weeks before the date of flight.
According to the same data, the most expensive time to book a flight is two weeks before the flight date - when the demand for flights is highest.
2. Search for flights in an incognito window and avoid flying price algorithm
Some flights search websites use different psychological tricks to make us reserve quickly and through them.
Among those moves are:
A. Displaying the number of remaining places on the fly.
B. Using "cookies" stored in the user's browser, so in the case of browsing the site or leaving the site and then returning - the price shown to the user increases for that flight.
To avoid using "cookies", we can browse the flight search site using an incognito window.
How do I open an incognito window? Click on the three points / lines on the browser toolbar and select "New Incognito Window".
3. Flexible with Flight Dates? See the cheapest month to fly
There are tools to find the cheapest months of the year to book flights in some flights sites (like Skyscanner and Momondo).
The method is very simple - instead of choosing the destination flight we want to fly, instead of choosing the date of flight, we choose the "cheapest month" option to show the cheapest month of booking for flights.
4. "Low cost" flight is not always the cheapest option
True, some "low cost" airlines provide very attractive flight prices.
Problems with low cost flights can often be inconvenient, or less accessible airports.
When checking the prices for low cost flights on standard time, while adding the cost of luggage, seat selection, prices often resemble regular flights.
5. Think differently: -
During the holidays, the price of the flight is usually skyrocketed, but less traditional holidays plans can reduce the prices significantly.
For example, a flight that leaves a few days before the start of the formal holiday, or a flight that returns after a few days of the holidays, will often become cheaper than flights within holiday dates.

6. Sign up for email alerts services for cheap flights
According to our flights, different flights provide e-mail alerts that update us about changes in flight prices.

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