APL Cardholders Distribution of   Kerosene will be stopped ?  Distribution of Kerosene to APL Card Holders All Over the State: Circular of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department  The Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department has issued a circular to stop giving kerosene to all APL card holders in the state. So from January 1, only BPL card holders will get kerosene. All APL card holders will stop getting kerosene from the new year.

According to the paper, the Department has implemented PNG and LPG assistance scheme from May 1, 2013 with a resolution of 1/3/6 to provide gas connection on subsidy basis to families of Antyodaya / BPL Kerosene. In the first phase of the scheme, the urban area under the eight municipalities of the state, headquarters of the district and BPL and Antyodaya Kerosene card holders of the entire Navsari district are included.

In the second phase of the PNG and LPG assistance scheme, all the municipalities of the state as well as the entire area of ​​Dahod and Narmada districts are allowed to provide LPG and PNG gas connection to the remaining eligible BPL kerosene eligible beneficiaries. Further, eligible PPL gas card holders are allowed in PNG gas connection for PNG under the scheme to the remaining eligible BPL kerosene card holders in urban and rural areas of the state of Gujarat. The above permission is given by the resolution dated 1/3/3 of the department.

Under this scheme, the procedure for payment of Rs. 5 / - per attachment to the respective companies by the State Government has been approved by the State Government for resolution of PNG and LPG gas connection which is to be discharged by the Oil Company and PNG Company. Is. To ensure that the APL card holders do not have PNG and LPG connection and get PNG and LPG connection at their expense, Kerosene ration card holders of the APL category in the first phase of the State M / s. Decision to stop giving PDS kerosene to 1/8/2019 Ankana was taken Notifications. Taking into consideration the approach of making Gujarat state kerosene free, the issue of kerosene discontinuation to all APL card holders in the remaining areas of the state from 3/1/9 was under consideration of the Government.

At the end of the deliberations, it is decided to stop distribution of PDS kerosene to all APL card holders in the remaining areas of the state from 9/8/3, taking into account the approach of making the state of Gujarat kerosene free.

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